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17 Jan 2023 18:40

Hello all lovers of Freedom and Firepower!

We have managed to track down the legendary Platoon leader, Finilie from his fox hole in Holland.

To celebrate we are getting together on the Cobalt Server on the 21st of January at 18:00 GMT... Mainly to teamkill the platoon leader repeatedly and also critique his flying...

We would love to have you there to catch up on this crazy planet we live and game in... and shoot some spandex creeps...

I'll post some detail closer to the time for those not using in-game chat (Which is much better now; so it'll be the default)

Cheers (Remember to call for the medic, I'll be there)
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Re: Back to Auraxis
19 Jan 2024 00:05

Ok I'm one year late, but it's funny to see all those familiar nicknames :)
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Re: Back to Auraxis
09 Feb 2024 16:09

Hey man, welcome back :D
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