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The2ndPete wrote:He, I recently (finally) started playing Sir, You Are Being Hunted.
If it had a multiplayer mode done (they're working on it but it seems to be running into hitches) I'd set that up immediatly.
There's nothing like setting an alarm clock to lure robot hunters away from a building only to be discovered by one who took another route to the source of the ruckus and the frantic escape through fields, hedges, fences and finally being sure to have lost them!

Other games that I'm being informed of now are Planetary Annihilation, MWO and Star Citizen. So, if you've got one of these: set them up :)

good to hear that you are interested in the gamelink system ;)
The thing is that i am a student and don´t have the money to pay for every full priced game i want^^
I am interested in planetary annihilation, so i gotta w8 till the price goes down and a sale :D
same goes for star citizen, but maybe i am willing to pay the full price for this one - we will see
and concerning mwo this is a game i am sadly totally not interested in

About Sir, You are beeing hunted, this game sounds interesting if it gets a multiplayer mode
because i still got so many single player titles lying around in my library, so i promised myself to not buy any new single player game till i get rid of most of these xD

Still i got about 15 games in my games list that are coop mmo´s or moba´s and i am in if an game link event in any of these games is beeing started ;)

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