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GameLink (Tutorial)
20 Dec 2013 21:06

What is this? GameLink is a System which is basically created to start Gameevents or just play other games together. The GameLink-System is linked to our Teamspeak-Server (IP: / Password: click here). The GameLink System shows you all Events or Players who are playing any game they want (if they're logged in TS3 and in their specific Game-Channel).

An Example:
You got home from work, school whatever. You don't want to play an usual outfit-game (eg. PS2) so you click on GameLink create an new Game/Event choose the game you want to play from the list and add the additional information (playing from when till when etc.). Immediately after adding the Event it will be shown in the list and, if you didn't change the from-time, a teamspeak-channel is created. Other players can subscribe your Event and join in your teamspeak-channel. It is also possible to set passwords for private-events (you'll also need this password to join the TS3-Channel).

So this system will only work if you guys use it. It was a hell lot of work and we guess it's a great feature. For details also have a look on the following tutorial-screenshots:

To use all GameLink functions (esp. add events) you need to be logged in on Community-Page (same Login-Data like on the forums).

a) General GameLink Tutorial (Eventmanager):

b) Add an Event (1 of 3):

c) Add an Event (2 of 3):

d) Add an Event (3 of 3):

e) Show Event-Informations:

The GameLink System in some short words:
1. System to create/subscribe/join Game-Events
2. Automatic Teamspeak Channel Creation (password-protection possible)
3. Created for the community to also join together on other Games and to plan InGame-Events in Planetside2

Update: We want to inform you about very cool Features we added to this System and the Community Site.
(URGENT: Please login on to access these functions or activate the autologin function for the forums to activate autologin also for

Add games to your personal notification List (you get a mail on every Event that is created for this game or just create an Event yourself to invite other Members)

A list of all outfit members with their additional informations (steam-profile, age etc.) and games they got on their notification list. Just filter this List for a Game you like and you'll get a list of all Members who will be notified if you start an Event for that Game.

Generate Invitation Keys for you Friends for immediate access to the GBX-Outfit

Edit your personal community-profile and add additional informations there

Gain points for the new Outfit-Score for different Achievments (TeamSpeak-Usage, GameLink-Usage etc.)

These Features and the GameLink System will only consist if you use them.

Go for it and fill your Profile and GamesList (you'll get a bunch score-points for that too ;) )
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