In memory of Paris, Nizza, Munich

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Many humans have lost their lives through religious or politically inspired attacks this year. In light of the attack yesterday I would like to share some lines with all of you.

GBX was founded by many people from around the world.

We have members of many ethics and religions playing games together, enjoying each other's company. We never had any real issues in regards of each other's roots and I am happy and proud about that.

We are from south to north, from east to west, from around the world. Which means wherever We go, wherever We set foot on a different soil, We will share it with somebody that is no longer a stranger but at least an acquaintance and may be even a friend.

In memory of the victims and their families.
I would like all of you to give some of your loved ones a call, a hug or just a nice word.
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Thanks B

Well said.
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well said, the recent years have been very full with problems and terror attacks

my family had to move back to the uk from istanbul becuase of the failed coup and im still in istanbul finishing my last year in highschool
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Well said my friend

Hopefully one day people learn that violence doesn't solve shit :cry:
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Fighting for freedom!
Fucking for virginity!
Drinking for sobriety!

All work perfect if you're the head honcho of folks you deliberately keep unhappy enough to believe you :cry:
Some people will go straight to hell.
With VIP ticket and free drinks...
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Smile! Life stays the same shit but it's definitely more fun!
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