StarCitizen Alpha 2.4

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StarCitizen Alpha 2.4
18 Jun 2016 12:24

Beside being able to fly the massive 100m long Starfarer this patch starts to integrate many new things under the hood. Stability improved again and many of the new systems that are needed for the next content patches are coming together.

This one includes:

• the flight ready Starfarer (quite buggy but every second flying one is bliss)
• improved performance
• persistence is starting to get in the game
>prototype testbed of liveworks AR Item Management in Hangar and Universe
>earn money to buy FPS weapons, flight suits, armor and some fashion items in game
>earn money to refuel, rearm, reclaim lost and repair damaged ships
>a few more missions

Be warned it is still early, really early alpha and if you don´t have a fast connection the download is hefty.

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