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Looking to Play
25 Mar 2016 16:23


Do you know the problem, you want to play some games, but you don't know what? If you would knew what we have our GameLink system. You log in, create an event for the game and wait for others to show up.

But what if you are undecided what to play? Create an event for half a dozen games, see what sticks? Not really practical.

That is why we have the new LOOKING TO PLAY "game" now. Just create an event, hang out in the TS channel and others will see, you are looking to play something and can come in and talk to you. When you have found someone to play a game, simply make a new channel and have fun :-)
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Re: Looking to Play
25 Mar 2016 22:42

:) Perfect

I added it to my games list so I get a mail when Events are created.

Here you can see who will be notified via Mail: Filtered Members List
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Re: Looking to Play
26 Mar 2016 20:04

I'm away from my system now (and typing on my cleverphone) but I'll sure use it as soon as I'm back.
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