GBX now active Guild in Albion Online

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We founded the GBX Guild in Albion Online yesterday.

For those of you who know and like Ultima Online: Albion Online is like a better Ultima Online.
Albion Online is currently in Closed Beta and will be changing to Open Beta in 3 Months (est.).
Albion Online will be Free2Play when released.

If you were recruited ingame: Click here to Sign up for Access to Forums, Teamspeak and the Event System.

Albion Online isn't a usual MMORPG where you follow Quests and Levels, you should watch this Trailer to understand how it works and why Guilds could be so important:

(not available on website, click the newstitle to watch it in the forum-thread)
...or click here to watch the video directly on YouTube

I'd also created a Subforum for Albion Online under Games>MMORPG>Albion Online.
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Hm, never really played a classical MMORPG, but I might give it a shot when they open beta and there are a few ppl here, trying it :-)
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You definetly should :-).
Rob and me started playing it.

The idea of the Skillsystem and the Player-driven economy is just awesome and really like in UO.
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i love the game gonna order it soon in like 4 days
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